Gweny & Merlin


Gweny and Merlin are my cats. I find myself capturing their stories over the years. This is where I want to share these stories.


  • CharElia says:

    Gweny’s favorite toys are these little red mice. She bats them around the house and runs after them as if they are running from her. Each one has a little tail that always ends up separated and laying on the floor somewhere. Once the tail is gone—it’s as if she has killed the mouse. It’s no longer a good mouse to play with. Gweny moves on to the next victim.

  • CharElia says:

    Good Morning Gweny!

    The air fills with the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee. Gweny, my husband’s Siamese cat hears the coffee pot. Her ears perk up. She raises her head straining to hear. Listening, I hear the pitter patter of her little feet as she runs down the hall to check. She needs to make sure that she is really hearing it. Yes, it’s the coffee pot. Gweny is a happy kitty now. She runs back into the bedroom where she lies down on the bed between me and my husband.

    I’ve listened to her do this many mornings. I close my eyes and lay very still trying to pretend I’m asleep. Each morning she waits for the coffee to beep saying that it’s finished brewing. The second she hears the beep she jumps up in one great leap on top of my husband back. She creeps up his body over to his face and brings her nose to his nose. Its morning is what we think she is saying with the little meow mixed with a purr. She is so happy that we are going to wake up now. We always wake up when the coffee is ready. Gweny has been awake for hours now. She is not only lonely but she is hungry too. Gweny– is our alarm clock.

    My husband grabs her with both hands. He cuddles her to him. All the while she is purring so loud that I’m sure they can hear her in the houses around us. Gweny wiggles away from my husband, and runs to the end of the bed once she has enough love to make up for a whole night of us sleeping. There she stops. She sits down while watching my husband. Gweny looks so patient. I know she is not. Her muscles are tensed up to run the minute he moves. My husband sits up. He puts on his slippers. Then he stumbles down the hall with Gweny in tow.

    Gweny follows my husband into the kitchen where he fills up a cup of coffee for each of us. The entire time she is meowing. Her meow brings her big brother Merlin into the room. Merlin meows in tune to her. Together they continue this little serenade while my husband is putting cream in my coffee. Merlin will just sit in the middle of the kitchen with his head raised and cry until daddy serves them breakfast. Gweny has given him this job. She is the boss of the house.

    Once my coffee is ready, my husband heads back down the hall to our bedroom talking to Gweny the whole way. She is very insistent with her meows back to him as he walks. Merlin continues to sit and meow in the kitchen. One thing I learned about Siamese cats is that they love to talk. Gweny is telling my husband she wants her breakfast. My husband is telling her that mommy needs her coffee first. Lucky for me, I come before the cats.

  • CharElia says:

    Football with cats

    My husband likes football. Now that our kids are grown and life is not as chaotic as it once was with kids around all of the time; I’m letting him enjoy his football with less interruptions. Cats don’t understand this concept.

    I curled up with my Kindle and a blanket in my reclining chair. Merlin, my Bengal cat decides to curl under my blanket for some warmth. That is when the commotion starts. Gweny, my husband’s cat decides that it is time for her to sit on top of mom’s lap too. I tell her no. Her brother is under my blanket. She cannot lie on her brother. Gweny is very insistent. Both of the cats know that mom’s lap is the safety zone for kitties that need a nice warm nap.

    Gweny sits on the arm of my chair. She looks at me as if she is saying that this lap should be hers. Then she tries again. Merlin makes a little cry as she steps on him. I grab her and set her on the couch next to me. The entire time I’m telling her no.

    My husband sits laughing at us while he is trying to enjoy his football game. I’m telling Gweny to go sit by her daddy. Does she listen? Nope. Gweny has made up her mind to sit on my lap. This goes on for about 20 minutes. My husband by then is trying to talk Gweny into coming over to sit by him. She is ignoring him completely. It’s almost as if he isn’t talking to her at all.

    Finally, with a big sigh of frustration, Gweny gives up and lies down on the couch facing me. My husband can now enjoy his game. I can now enjoy my book. It only took us 30 minutes to get to this point. Did I mention quiet time with less chaos since we have no kids at home?

  • CharElia says:

    Merlin is a neat freak!

    Merlin is a very clean cat. Not scraggly like some cats I’ve seen. He’s very determined that everything must be clean if it is going to exist in his environment. Gweny comes to cuddle up to him but has learned to handle the requirements of her older brother. There is no cuddles without first being cleaned completely from head to toe. The route Merlin takes normally starts at her head and goes all the way to the end of her tail. Yes, he is that obsessed. My husband and I love to watch as Gweny groans about all the fuss he makes over cleaning her. It’s as if the poor girl was a complete mess but of course she isn’t. Merlin just cleaned her a couple hours ago. Crazy cat.

  • CharElia says:

    Cat Fight

    Here we go again. My two cats are curled up sleeping like babies as I sit on the bed drinking my morning coffee. Merlin’s nose starts to twitch. Once—twice—three times! His head pops up with a view of his sister Gweny cuddled up next to him. Merlin, being the neat freak that he is, decides to start cleaning Gweny. Obviously, it has to be her that is bugging his nose. Gweny does not take kindly to being woke up by another cleaning session. She raises her head slowly to see what is causing her to come out of that wonderful deep sleep she loves so dearly. Seeing Merlin, she gets up and moves to the other side of my kind sized bed in her attempt at more sleep. That doesn’t stop Merlin. He follows her and starts all over again. At this point, Gweny has decided this has gone too far. She swats Merlin with her right paw as a warning. He sits up. Then he swats back and tries to clean her again while holder her down with his body. The fight begins. It doesn’t end until both cats have left the bed for their separate kitty towers to pout.

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