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  • CharElia says:


    I am a brilliantly bright hue of Orange that cannot be missed. The sun and I have much in common. My color can be seen in the lower part of the sky as the sun goes down some days.

    Like the sun draws in the planets around it; my fire draws people to me wherever I go. Few wish to get too close to me. It seems like they are always cautious around me. There is a part of me that tries to help others grow, but sometimes I get carried away. That’s when someone gets burned.

    I am loved by most and yet I am often kept at a distance. Visible, until the clouds hide away my brilliance. I often put others ahead of me. It’s as if they are my clouds. Maybe it is me that is hiding. Could it be that I have been putting others ahead of me to hide my own brilliance? I’m not sure how. Orange cannot hide from the view of others easily. It just sometimes blends into the background.

    My age grows as the sun goes down and shows it’s most glorious Orange hue that I love so much. I feel that I’m ready to show the world who I am. Orange is in season this year or so they tell me. Maybe that is a good sign for me. Maybe it is my time to shine.

  • CharElia says:

    Fantasy Worlds

    Lost in a world of fantasy and feeding off of the images going through my mind. This is how each day should be spent. If I cannot be fully pulled into the story, then it isn’t worth my time.

    I’m curled up in my bed with several pillows stacked behind me. Yes, I even took my husband’s pillows. You can never have enough support while getting lost among the dragons. The blankets are pulled up over my legs to keep me warm. It is still early morning and I needed another fix. The story I was reading last night is still in my mind. I even dreamed about it last night. Slowly I sip a bit more of my coffee. The smell is intoxicating while I feel the drink that wakes me up start to wake up my senses. Then I check the cup to see how much is left. Oh good, there is enough that I can sit here for a while longer.

    Reading the book I can feel the cool breeze blow my long hair behind me while I am watching a dragon fly overhead. I worry for the person sitting on that dragon. The problems they have or where they are going. Follow them south where it is warm and fruit grows on the trees in great abundance. See the landscape below them as they fly.

    This is just one of the many stories I have lost myself in over the years. There are others too. Some of the stories come in the form of TV programs or movies. They are all a fantasy world that does not exist. The minds of some people just amaze me. The idea that I can be pulled into a story that someone created in such detail gives me the greatest thrill.

    I know people who do not like to read. I know people that do not own a TV or even go to the movies. These people believe that life should be lived outside of a TV, movie or book. That’s not for me. There are no Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Halflings, Wizards, Witches, Werewolves, Vampires or any other fantasy being.

    There is one other thing I love that gives me this same thrill as a good book, TV show or movie. It’s gaming. In a game I can be someone living the story on a screen in front of me. I can be the Wizard protecting others against the Orcs or whatever else is attacking. In a game I can be strong and powerful.

    I love the fantasy worlds that let you get lost inside them in all of their many forms.

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